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People judge you based on the grades you get. High-scoring students get respect. They get opportunities. People see them as capable, smart, and generally better. The teachers aren’t the only ones judging though. Of course, colleges make judgement based on your grades. When you apply for the best jobs, they’re going to be looking at your scores. But more important than that…


The people closest to you judge you based on your grades.


A parent treats a high scoring child better than a low scoring child… The high scoring child gets trust. The low scoring child is… Well… not…


And lets face it… friends and partners don’t want anything serious with a person that looks like a dope… Even if they’re really good people.


This is the kind of thing that killed me in high school… The low grades were one thing… but the way people looked at me… the way people spoke to me… that was the dagger to the heart.


I was fortunate enough to get the solution before college but it wasn’t easy. I read hundreds of books. I ravaged my local library. I even lived in my gf’s dorm to spend all day sneaking into her college’s library. (Based on my high school record, I couldn’t get into that place.) I was a bit crazy…


But… here is the thing…


You don’t need to read hundreds of books like I did. I created Smart Student Secrets to give you the strategies I learned from modern science to ancient philosophy without all the searching and fluff – and it’s all dedicated to students.


Smart Student Secrets puts it all in one place.


Have you ever had the pleasure of someone acting thankful that they met you?


They look you in the eyes and warmly shake your hand. They smile. And they talk to you like you’re the person they want to hear from.


– And honest to god… you probably don’t have to be any “smarter” to get this respect (even though you probably will be.)


You just need to have that letter – that academic record – the proof – that lets people know…

“This guy/girl is going somewhere…”


And people are always trying to hold on to you like a rocket.


And it doesn’t matter how smart you are – if you don’t have the proof – the grades – you’re going to have to struggle every step of the way.


That’s what I, Aaron, from Smart Student Secrets, want to make out of you.


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