Yup, the world gone crazy. Everybody is a chicken with its head plopped off. Does anyone even know what’s happening anymore?

But we do know some stuff…

Soon… And for the rest of your life…


… the world is going to need smart people

… and they’ll make life good for those smart people

… and those smart people are going to thrive.


Please don’t waste your energy freaking out.

Focus that energy on the things you can control. 

One of those things you can control is your own grades (even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.)

Grades are a shorthand people use to judge you. Sure… they don’t mean much… But the world doesn’t have time to spend five years getting to know whether or not you’re a sane and competent person. 

They’re going to judge you by your grades.

The only way you’re going to help make this world a better place…

To get the opportunities YOU deserve…

is to prove YOU deserve them. <<– This isn’t about to change.

I’m writing this to remind you of the things you control.


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And, for the first time ever, I’m adding in the 101 Strategies Shortcut List that breaks the hundreds of pages into a more digestible form so you can improve your grades faster than ever before – and review the information later to guarantee your improvements last forever.

Plus, I’m throwing in our guide How To Become Unshakable On Tests. It shows you the strategies I used to bring my average test score up nearly a full grade letter on average. It includes never-before-seen bonus ideas that I don’t plan on sharing anywhere else.


My goal is to get you into this book today so you can see your grades go up too…

And hopefully, tell your friends how you did it.


This is the ideal time to improve yourself…

From the author of Amazon best-sellers on studying…

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101 Strategies To Improve Your Grades Without Studying More

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Aaron Richardson

P.S. Nope… this price isn’t permanent. This is a business. We see this as a great opportunity to help more students. We already know you’re a smart student. We just want to help make you a smarter one. I’ll return to the old price soon.