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The Simple Secrets of Academic Gaming

And when you add your own expertise to these academic gaming methods, you can create unique and powerful strategies to change the world.

No… you don’t need to be a brainiac sitting in the front of your class. You could be the dope sitting in the back of the class. If you can read this… and you’re eager to learn the shortcuts –

– the fastest way to evolve your academic standing (and your life) is to master academic gaming.

But they don’t teach this stuff in school. The average student is barely taught how to read. And it’s a huge problem.

And that’s the reason I even wrote 101 Strategies To Improve Your Grades Without Studying More

It reveals the strategies that have been used by greatest minds in history (with some methods literally being used by ancient greek lecturers,)

But it goes even farther than that, digging into the latest scientific studies about the human brain and how it learns. Hint: reading a scroll isn’t how an ancient greek philosopher memorized his speeches.

You’re seeing some of these secrets used by the smartest guys and girls in your classes. Some of these students got lucky and stumbled on to these themselves. Some of them have been taught by Smart Student Secrets (over almost a decade now!) 

These are strategies that have turned drowning students into surfing straight-A students. 

Why’s that?

The human brain is a machine designed for learning.  

Cavefolks needed to learn thousands of obscure facts (the hard way,) forgetting stuff wasn’t only embarrassing, it was deadly.

That desperate need to learn still exists in your brain today – when you’re accessing it, you can learn absolutely anything and it will feel automatic.

That desperate need to learn beats learning disabilities, it beats motivation, even intelligence. Your brain doesn’t WANT to learn. It needs it. Now. And it needs to learn it well and permanently.

That desperate need is ingrained in the way smart students work. It’s what separates great students (scoring straight-a’s without the struggle) from the meh students (who are always struggling.)

Most students, after hours of working hard, can remember some of the information.

But some of the information is still a disappointing test score. It’s not enough to lock-in a high score.

Really. Anyone can study for a test. You pick up a book. You study it for hours – and you’re done.

But to crush a test – knock it out of the park – score so high you make it cry for mommy… you’re going to need the optimized strategies known by only the most successful people in history (most people get average scores for a reason.) 

Just because you can study…

…The most powerful secrets aren’t going to just fall into your lap.

If you’re lucky… you might stumble onto one or two…

But life is a lot easier when you have a guide…

101 Strategies To Improve Your Grades Without Studying More is that guide.

It holds your hand while you cross the abyss of bad, horribly, deadly boring strategy –

Right past the average student wasting their time studying in useless ways – 

And drop you off directly where you need to be to score near the top of any class – without the struggle.

Give me the chance to share this with you…

I wish I had this insider guide when I was just starting out. Even one or two of these strategies could have cut years off me achieving my goals (and would have saved me from reading hundreds of other books on this stuff.)

This guide includes secrets most students never discover… like: 


How to catch up in any classes you have fallen behind in FAST – And making sure you don’t fall behind again. (Because, until you catch back up, you can’t start acing tests.)


How to set unbelievable goals you’ll actually achieve (and they’re not so unbelievable once you’re looking back at how you crushed them.)


Use a commonly ignored class essential to save hours of your time every week instead of wasting your time and energy on stuff that really won’t improve your grade.


What every student should know but doesn’t – that costs them big points. And until they learn this, they might as well be biking uphill.


How To Develop Understanding And Forget About Memorization (Keep in mind… there is a place for understanding and memorization. Understanding is the one that has the most misunderstandings about how to do it. That’s what this helps with.) 


If You Act Like You’re A Failure… Don’t Be Surprised When People Treat You That Way. Studies show that teachers score students waaay lower when they see these “warning signs.” Best avoid making them.


How To Daydream Responsibly – And Not Miss Everything Important The Teacher Says (even when the lecturer is a deadly boring monotone robot.)


If You Don’t Already Do This – You’re Sacrificing 5 Points On Every Assignment and it’s one of those stupid things that you know you should do but most students never do it anyway.


If You Don’t Answer Test Questions With 100% Confidence Then Read This… Confidence is a sign you’ve studied properly. Test taking can feel like filling out an opinion survey – easy and almost thoughtless.


How To Make Fear A Good Thing That Helps Your Grades Instead Of Hindering Them because cutting out all the fear isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes it’s better to use it to your advantage.


The Unusual Ways To Pump Up Your Academic Muscles (And Impress Everyone) – And it’s crazy how good it feels when you’re having teachers struggling to find bad stuff to say about your work and friends giving up on asking your score because they know they’ll just get jealous.


It’s Stupid To Remember Pointless Things. That’s Why You Learn This… It’s the key to figuring out what stuff you need to learn and what stuff you should just ignore.


Learning Is Like Solving A Puzzle – You Can Make The Pieces Fit. Understanding is a powerful tool for learning but if you don’t know how to get your brain to use it correctly, you’re missing out.


Make Filler Work Fun (And Score Higher Because Of It.) Completing work is a lot faster when you know how to enjoy it. Plus… your final scores will love you for it. 


How To Look Like You Care About Class – Even When You Don’t Care That Much Because this is, SPOILER, one of those warning signs teachers look for when deciding how to score your work.


Once You Accept This – School Isn’t Going To Be So Painful Anymore Because students that HATE school shouldn’t have to suffer through it.


Repetition Is The Idiot’s Way To Boring Miserable Success – This Can Get You The Good Kind Of Success. Or you can go back to reading the same paragraph 200 times hoping that the 201st time’s the charm…


How To Learn It Without Studying It because studying is just ONE tool in your toolbox. If you don’t need to use it then it’s better not to.


The Automatic Approach To Learning – this is the stuff the human brain was using in caveman times to figure out which berries to eat (and which made them lose their lunch!)


The Non-OCD Approach To Academic Organization and it doesn’t require labelling folders and keeping perfectly neat binders (unless you enjoy that kind of thing.)


This Is How You Completely Ruin Your Hope Of Learning Better Next Time. So don’t be one of the million students doing it on a regular basis. It’s a key to self-improvement (and also keeps you from suffering through those really bad… NEED-TO-STUDY-NOW moments.)


You’re Smart Enough To Do Extraordinary Things (But Know This Or You’ll Get Cocky About It) This is an important point I’ve learned from experience.


How To Keep A Schedule And Not Act Like A Crazy Person because, honestly, I don’t want academic success if it costs me time with the people and things I care about most.


These Are The Academic Loopholes They Don’t Want You To Know About. They talk about how learning is more important than grades (and they teach those strategies) but then they judge you based on your grades… These loopholes help with those grades they use to judge you.


Why You Shouldn’t Ask So Many Questions In Class – Don’t Listen To The Common Advice because it’s only occasionally useful and usually comes with some unexpected risks.


You Can Know What’s Important To Know Now – And Score Higher Knowing Less Because Of It. When you waste your time studying the wrong stuff, you might as well be playing video games or surfing Youtube because your grades aren’t going up anyway.


How To Not Be Distracted By Shiny Things And Actually Focus When You Need To and this is a lesson coming from the KING of daydreaming.


This Is Probably The Most Fun Way You Can Improve Your Writing and when you learn how to write well, you can skyrocket your grades in most of your classes


You Don’t Have To Get Completely Worn Out To Do A Good Job – Do This Instead because being worn out, not only sucks, but can also smother out all the motivation you’ve got. There is a better way!


And that barely scratches the surface.

This guide has more than 101 sections designed to give you a lightspeed – action oriented – roadmap. Not just what you should think but the actions you need to take to get near the top of your class.

PLUS, these bonuses make sure you can apply each lesson FAST. (Aaron is still one of the few veterans in the academic advice business – it’s why his stuff gets big callouts from Huffington Post, Lifehack, and PsychCentral.)

Also included is our guide to crushing tests – even if you are a “bad test-taker” like Aaron was. 

Even if you’re flunking courses right now…

Or you can barely follow the lecture. Or if you’ve been held back a year. Or even if you’re not even sure why you want better grades now.

That stuff isn’t important.

What matters is that burning in your gut… the thing getting you to read this right now. That need to score near the top of your class – without sacrificing the stuff that’s also important to you.

You don’t need to be a med student. And none of this is impossible to figure out on your own. (It would just take you a solid decade or two of dedication to it.) 

Better: take advantage of Smart Student Secrets expertise – thousands of books read – obscure scientific journals explored – conversations with the greatest academic minds and memorization experts. Stuff that’s been blowing minds for all of time.

(And, trust me, I’ve made tons of mistakes too. Embarrassing ones. I suggest you learn from mine instead of repeating them yourself.)

It’s insane to struggle for years especially when you only have so long to benefit from these academic secrets.

This is the guide I desperately needed when I was in high school. I had tear filled nights – screaming fights with people I love – and scores so low it would have taken 3 or more to add up to 100.

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How To Become Unshakable On Tests

Are you a bad test-taker?

Well… I know the feeling.

It doesn’t matter how well you prepare for the test… if you’re a bad test-taker then your grades will suffer.

Tests are the standard approach educational systems use to sort out students. You can be the smartest guy in the world but if you fail the test, you’re going to miss out on opportunities. BIG OPPORTUNITIES! Scholarships. Internships. Recommendations. Imagine having your parents, teachers, and friends being proud of you.

This is a short guide that gives you the tools students are using to:

  • skyrocket their test scores
  • make test prep automatic
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With these two bonuses, you’re going to make great things happen faster than any level-headed low-motivation academic drone could imagine.


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“And to quantify your strategy, I just got the numbers from this past semester and on mid terms, I averaged 94.5% on midterms and every since implementing the strategies discussed in the book, my worst semester GPA was 3.85…

I simply applied myself and I followed the procedures instead of being on the iPhone all day. And I also approach every test with an entrepreneurial mindset that everybody else doesn’t do and that really forces me to do my best combined with the strategies in your book.”


“I cannot thank you enough! Thank you SO MUCH for giving me the skills to thrive despite my type-A perfectionist personality. You have no idea what a relief I am feeling in my whole being”


Thank you for the email. I just downloaded the E-book. May I share it with my post-secondary class in August? I think it would help to get them re-acclimated to studying. Most will have been out of school for some time.

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I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

Laure Worthan

Just finished reading it and after imagining the feeling that I would get after getting the results I really deserve my face changed, I started smiling with my eyes closed.

I appreciate the information, and promise to both you and myself to change my current grade, to not settle for less, to become a high achiever.

>From the bottom of my heart thank you,


(5th year Pharmacy student)

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