Smart Student Secrets is the first and only student-centric organization that…

Makes school fun, accessible, and meaningful.

We don’t do the usual boring –

Work harder!

Study more!

Don’t be stupid!

Because we don’t believe that works.

Change comes from changing perspective and creating a vision. And we do everything we can to create a vision for the students that read this blog.

We remind them:

“You can do this! Here is the proof…”

“You don’t have to sacrifice the good life for your grades. Here’s how you do it…”

“Education (not grades) is important. But good grades are accessible with a simple education.”

We’re sometimes offensive. We’re sometimes a little over enthusiastic. We’re sometimes more practical than inspirational.

But we’re not boring.

And “not boring” is the first step that 99% of student advisers screw up.

Currently – Smart Student Secrets survives based on selling books according to our “No Lunch Money” Policy. We sell books to students that have the resources to help support us. And we try to help those that come to us without those resources.

This model has been okay up to now but it limits the number of students we can help because we’re desperately trying to balance keeping the bills paid while helping as many students as possible.

That’s why we’re starting to accept donations on a trial basis.

The goal, ultimately, is to give up selling the ebooks and…

someday make all of our content available to every student.

The survival and growth of our student-centric education philosophy depends on the generous support of readers, parents, and educators like you.

For security, we do all processing through PayPal.



Yes… We’re a little crazy. But sometimes a little bit of craziness is necessary to find a new perspective.

Thank you for your donation!

– Aaron Richardson

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