School is fun when you understand this.

I know that school has its tough times. School can be a miserable place for some students. They dread going to school. I understand where these students are coming from. I used to be in that place myself.

You’ll notice, the older you get, the more cynical other students become about going to school.

It makes sense.

Students are watching the inefficiency of the system all around them. They see teachers that can’t teach. They see good students get run over by the system. It’s only logical that you might become a bit disenchanted.

But this doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite if you want it to be. Once you learn to play with the system it can be kind of fun.

You can:

  • score near the top of your class
  • make more friends
  • have a great relationship with teachers
  • and actually have time for things you enjoy

These are all within reach when you get beyond the cynicism.

3 Reasons You Don’t Have Friends And Suck At School

*Take note of the awesomely cynical heading 🙂

Other people are the biggest challenge for most students that don’t enjoy school.

I’m an introvert. I prefer my alone time to read and write. It just exhausts me to deal with people all day.

I used to let that beat me down.

Eventually, I stumbled into reading about how to deal with people. Once I learned a few simple things, everything else fell into place.

1. You’re too negative.

Complaining about the world has a very limited use to it. Constant complaining is counter productive. It just distracts you from productive thoughts.

The world doesn’t owe you anything.

Accept that.

Once you do, you’ll realize that most of what people give you is a gift.

If someone criticizes you, they’re giving you their thoughts (whether a gift you asked for or not.)

Teachers don’t have to write down the reasons they’re deducting points. Imagine how little you’d learn from a paper without any feedback at all.

Feedback is always a gift (however ungracefully some may give it.)

You spend all day getting gifts from other people. Anytime someone talks to you or shows they give a darn toot, you’re in luck because not everyone gets that.

2. You look miserable.

Being a happy positive person is good but it helps dramatically if you tell your face about it.


It will blow your mind the difference this will make to your life.

Studies have shown that even the act of putting on a big fake smile for no reason releases happy hormones in your body.

It gets better than that though.

When you’re smiling, people can recognize you as a positive person.

How friendly are you with a person with a perma-growl on their face? Imagine you have to deal with someone else. Wouldn’t it make you feel more comfortable to see them smiling?

Make relationships easy for other people.

Smile big and often.

3. You think it’s all about YOU!

Okay… that’s a strong way of putting it.

I know you know you’re not the center of the world intellectually. Right?

You know other people think about things other than you sometimes. You understand that logically.

The problem for most students:

They miss this point in their gut.

Have you ever been friendly to someone and had them respond back to you negatively?

Maybe you give a friendly “HELLO!” and they roll their eyes and give a fake smile.

Ouch! Right?

That’s a pretty clear snub but you as long as you take that personally, it’s going to hold you back.

Maybe the person is having a rough day? Maybe they’re trying to look cool and think this will help? Maybe they’re a butt nugget that never learned manners? Maybe they’re negging you?

I’ve seen people make that same eye roll and fake smile to their parents. That doesn’t mean they hate their parents. It probably has nothing to do with them.

Really… It can be any of a thousand different things.

You know the one thing that it’s probably not:

Anything that has to do with you.

Did they ever sit down and ask you about yourself and your thoughts? Do they have an intimate knowledge of who you are? If no then they obviously have something else on their minds.

People Love To Give You Gifts

Most people are unbelievably generous.

People want to give you the things you want.

Reality doesn’t let that happen because there are only so many different resources in the world (and our desires can be quite self-contradictory) but people want to help you.

I know it doesn’t look like it but they do.

Every teacher wants to be good at teaching. They want to help their students.

The reality is: only so many people can be stars in a profession. In a world of Da Vinci’s, even a great artist would look like a loser.

Every person wants to be your friend.

The reality is: people only have so much time and friendships require separations from everyone else. Clique behavior can help strengthen friendships.

I know you’re probably not buying this yet.

You don’t have to.

Just pay attention to your own life and watch for this.

Everything Comes Down To People

In my life, every great opportunity I’ve been given has been largely due to someone else making a decision to benefit me. My great jobs have come from great friends giving a recommendation. My great lessons have come from other people telling me their stories.

Attract more people into your life.

It will pay you back dramatically more than it costs you.

You will enjoy life and school more.

People will enjoy you more.

You’ll be able to influence people better because one of the best ways to influence people is to talk to more of them and find the one that’s already on your side. 🙂

Then use what you learn on this blog to create the results you’re looking for.

It’s as simple as that.

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How To Make Friends And Influence Teachers

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