The world is navigating around the unexpected changes and the uncertainties due to the impacts of COVID-19. The pandemic has caused serious effects on the population across the globe. Due to the National Emergency, the two common problems are healthcare, safety and academic success of students. Students have been asked to move out of the campus for a while with notice and adjust to new living conditions. However, the government is striving hard to stabilize the situation. But students must also prepare in ways to overcome these uncertainties and plan for their college. Here are a few tips on how you can put effort from your side to improve the conditions.


Preparing for college during COVID-19

The education system of U.S is coming up with new changes to benefit students through this crisis, hence students must be aware about these and plan accordingly to pursue their career goals,

Complete the courses

Due to the negative effects of coronavirus, students must complete their coursework, assignments and take up tests offered by the school online. Students are continuously assessed and the classes that were originally scheduled for an hour in a traditional setting have been shortened to 45 mins in online settings. The intention behind this is  to give students the knowledge of the AP tests even if the students are unable to attend the AP tests and to prepare them well for the college. Hence students must take this seriously and complete the courses. Staying in touch with teachers might seem to be a difficult task since classes have been shifted online. But, do not hesitate to contact your teachers in case of doubts.


Apply for financial aid

Due to the economic fall down and financial strain, many employees may lose their jobs. In case of job loss of parents, you could still file for financial aid to support your tuition. For those students who are planning to get financial assistance, you could still apply as the  deadline is June 1. 

Scholarships are one of the best ways to pay for college tuition as they do not require your family’s contribution and above all you don’t have to repay. You may find  Easy scholarships on the College Monk portal that fits all your requirements and help you inch forward towards bagging one.  When you want to borrow a student loan, you must fill out the FAFSA with required documents including tax returns, EFC and social security number. If your financial situation is any different, you could still get assistance from the college aid office to settle your issues.


Learn about the grading system 

Your GPAs and high test scores always mattered to get an admission for the college of your choice. But due to the emergency, most colleges are dropping the idea of considering the scores required in the standardized tests. The district schools across the states have decided to just mark transcripts with Pass / Fail instead of grading. The schools are making tests optional. If you are worried about your SAT or ACT scores to get into a college, the good news is it will not be considered for acceptance.

While most students have already taken up the tests and are waiting for their acceptance letter, you need not worry about your acceptance and we recommend you to complete the coursework offered through online medium. 


Be mindful and up-to-date 

It is important for students to learn about what’s going around the world. Ensure that you have general information and know about the precautionary measures put forward by the WHO about the pandemic. Keep yourself up-to-date about the present scenario. It is also good to know when to take a break from news as this can have a negative impact on our minds given the difficult times we are in. 

Presently the frontline healthcare providers are working relentlessly to prevent the spread of virus. Doctors and nurses are the primary caregivers. This has inspired many students to pursue a career in the healthcare field. If you are looking to pursue a career in health care, you may research How to Become a Nurse detailed in simple steps and their roles to save others lives. As a high school student, this is a crucial time for making wise career choices.


Follow a routine

The times are such that it is easy to get distracted. But using this time to gain new skills, enrol in an online course, and attend online classes regularly can work to your advantage and help you secure a better career.

Follow a simple routine, get good sleep, eat well, practice self-care and participate in indoor activities outside the screen. With limited options and staying indoor, thinking creatively and keeping yourself busy by learning something new is commendable.


Stay connected

The self-isolation seems new to most of us. Keep your spirits by practicing interpersonal communication such as video calls and phone calls. Try and keep texts and social media interaction to a bare minimum. Use this time to get creative and maintain your social connection. Learn about the present scenario, attend webinars which keeps you connected to professionals and help strengthen your network. 


Remember what Nevins said, “If anyone can do this, college students can: they’re probably the best generation to understand how to stay connected and be resilient in times like this”. Your advisors and high school counselors tell you not to worry and stay focused on what you can do. High school students need not worry about their test scores and grades to get an admission as colleges and universities will treat every student equally. Students must research well about the college, entry requirements of the college, aids to manage financial situations, the various federal programs to support students and others. Refer to, to learn more about the global scenario and how students manage and keep up with their future plans amidst the impact of COVID-19. Remember that we are all in this together and this too shall pass.

About the writer: I’m Henry Miller, a financial expert writer at The College Monk who appreciates writing. Budgeting and finance methods is a must that I wasn’t aware of during my time. My aim is to create easy guidelines towards exercising financial extensions, helping young dreams acquire solutions in the coming days without economical constraints.

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How to manage, keep up and plan for college during Covid-19

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