You can score high and still have tons of free time.

I know that probably sounds pretty crazy.  It’s hundreds of pages of things that students need to know to make it happen. I spent years struggling in school before I started to learn these strategies.

School can be easy.

Most of the challenges come from the poor strategies you’ve been taught. The solution to your study problem isn’t spending more time banging your head into the wall.

The human brain naturally learns. You have all the tools you need installed in you from birth. All you need is a reminder how thousands of students have learned to use them.

You can score straight A’s and enjoy the process.

This book is all about the “other” strategies you can use to increase your grades.

The fundamental subject I try to avoid is traditional studying. Sure… you can still study to score even higher but you usually won’t have to. So far I’ve been getting great feedback from the readers. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

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Learn to BLOW OFF work and still score BIG

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Did you know 1 point a GPA boost increases your future earnings by 12-14%? (statistically speaking : The Washington Post)

School isn’t about your grades but it is about your future. Your grades can improve your future.

Are you happy with your grades?

I know I wasn’t. Right when I hit rock bottom (an actual 60 in an easy class,) I started my search for a better way.

And I found it.

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