This is what gets Smart Student’s in trouble…

And summer happens to be a great time to focus on this kind of stuff.



P.S. Big thank you to everyone that filled out the survey. I’m going to do my best to learn a couple things so I can provide better for you.

It’s Not School Prep. It’s Life Prep.

Unlock Your True Potential

Have you ever felt like you could be more?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say “You’re right.”

I know this because you’re here. Because you’re reading this. (I’ve seen the analytics. Most people that show up on this site don’t have it in them to read this. Honestly, this stuff isn’t always easy to understand. They’d much rather get back to their memes that require zero IQ.)

You’re capable of great things.

Hi. I’m Aaron. I graduated college early taking a double course load while working 30 hour weeks. – And I didn’t do it because I’m particularly smart. – I barely survived some years in high school.

I learned strategies that took my academic game up to the next level.

And those are the strategies I’d like to teach you…

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