Have you promised yourself that this semester is going to be different?

In only a couple weeks, Smart Student Secrets is releasing it’s newest book and it shows you how you can make this semester your best. It shows you all the things that you need to know to take your academic life to the next level. It can help you unlock the secrets to the best grades, the most fun, and the most meaningful semester you’ve ever experienced.

In the book you’re going to:

  • Develop bone-crunching academic confidence
  • Become a shoo in for straight A’s
  • Gain mind-altering insights into how to dominate in school and stay stress free
  • Learn how a late 1800’s chess virtuoso can teach you to remember the impossible to remember information

And to dig into the nitty-gritty detail you’ll learn:

  • 5 Biggest Reasons Students Get Bummed And Give Up (page 13)
  • The Two-Week To Top Of The Class Rule (page 19)
  • What To Do If You Sucked Last Semester (page 21)
  • How To Go From Zero To A+ In 30 Minutes Or Less (page 25)
  • How To Get A Top Score (Even If You’re Failing Assignments Now) (page 28)
  • Why You Screwed Up In The Past Because Of The Things They Forced You To Do – And What To Do Instead (page 38)
  • 5 Study Strategies That Devastate Your Motivation, Ruin Your Day, And Deflate Your Grades (page 39)
  • Why You Suck At Studying – And What To Do About It (page 44)
  • Unlock Explosive Power Of Active Recall (page 48)
  • How To Remember Anything – The Ultimate Guide To Memorization Strategies (page 56)
  • 7 Ways To Win This New School Year (page 70)
  • How To Start The New School Year Right – 3 Tricks (page 77)
  • How To Make This The BEST Semester Of Your Life (page 81)

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