Never try to cut your studying when you’re already behind. Keeping out without studying is possible. Catching up without studying is academic suicide. Image Source

Studying is virtually never a necessity for getting a good grade if you focus on a few important areas. I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s absolutely true. With post after post in this blog, I spout out the value of a smart study routine. That being said, with proper planning, that study routine isn’t a requirement. Theoretically, you can never study again and still get good grades.

Take note that good grades are not great grades. You can expect closer to a B average than an A average. Depending on a number of personal factors, that could be a little higher or a little lower. An A average is why I recommend all the study information in this blog.

There are a few areas that you need to focus on to never need to study again:

Catch Up

You cannot get away with a no-studying routine when you’re already behind in classes. If you are missing critical information in a class then you’re going to need to study to keep up your grades. It’s essential that you haven’t already fallen behind.

Math class offers some of the most dangerous examples of this. If you fail to learn a few important points in a math class, years later, you can still be plagued by never learning your lesson. Before you can possibly get away without studying, you need to relearn the lessons that you’ve already missed.

As long as you’re missing the foundations of certain subjects, you’re going to be struggling to learn the lessons. That’s why, getting into a non-study routine usually requires at least a couple years invested in keeping up first. Until you catch up in all your classes, you’re going to need to do a little studying. Otherwise, you’ll just stay fallen behind (at best.)

Course Selection

Selecting the right courses can make you’re life way easier. Image Source

This is a point that I’ve been hounding on recently.

To get away without studying you need to choose your classes carefully. That includes a ton of different factors. First of all, you need to find the right teachers. Some teachers expect the world out of their students. Some teachers just want their students to show up to class. Find the teacher that doesn’t expect much. That will leave you with an instant head start in your grades. It’s not something people like to talk about but the subjectivity of grading often can be as far as one teacher’s C is another teacher’s A.

After finding the best teacher you can take a class from (or a few options,) you need to explore class syllabuses. Look at the syllabuses for the classes you need to take. On some you’ll find lists saying 10% of the final grade is test scores, 20% class work, etc. Look for scoring percentages that you can work well with. If you’re looking to avoid studying, you’d probably want only a small percentage of the grade to come from tests. (If you wanted to avoid homework you’d look for only a small percentage of the grade to come from homework.)

By selecting certain courses you can ensure you don’t have to worry too much about test scores.

Class Attention

Don’t expect to avoid studying if you can’t keep your mind on class during class. Image Source

Here is one that most people hate but it’s one of the most powerful tools you have.

Sure, I know the class is boring but you’re stuck their anyway. If you choose to actually pay attention for class, a good amount of the information you’re learning will actually stick. Sure, a lot of details will go missing but you’ll get a general outline of the courses important information.

I like to describe the result of paying attention in class like this: Paying attention in class lets all your guesses be educated. Sure, you may not remember the exact date World War I started but you can probably rule out a few of your options when you’ve paid attention in class. This makes a huge final impact on your scores when you spread it over all of your class work.

Teachers regularly emphasize the most important information for students to learn. Their lectures are often designed specifically to prepare students for the test. Take advantage of that. Sure, there may be more efficient ways to learn the same information but you can’t know which information you have to learn as well outside of class.

Priority Selection

What matters to you? What do you need to do to help those things that matter? Do the important stuff first. Image Source

Earlier, I talked about the importance of selecting classes where the grading percentages are favorable towards the goals you’re looking to achieve. That is a fundamental part of selecting your priorities. Make sure, if you select a course where 80% of your grade is keeping a binder then keep that damn binder perfect. (That’s a bit of an extreme example.)

There is more to working with priorities though.

Some classes will require more of your attention than others. Make sure that the classes that are the most difficult are the ones are the ones you’re focusing on. Some classes will, literally, only require you to show up to get a good score. Other classes, no matter how carefully you picked them, will require a constant watch over everything that you do. With these classes, you may need to make friends with the teacher. You may need to spend extra time on your class work.

Considering you don’t want to study, you may need to make up for that in some other way.
By selecting your courses carefully, this should be less of a problem but it’s a problem that’s likely going to happen somewhere you don’t expect it. Lets face it, no class selection strategy is perfect.

By following the strategies outlined here, I was able to consistently get upper B’s and lower A’s through a few semesters in high school. That was, before I decided to give studying the proper attention it deserves. With less studying than I could have possibly imagined in the past, I was able to easily score A’s while maintaining a tougher than usual course load.

Do you want to know how to study faster than ever? That’s what this blog is all about. Be sure to check out the archives. Also, check out the ebooks for more secrets than you can shake a stick at. Why you’d shake a stick at them is beyond me…



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How To Never Study Again – A Quick Primer


I’m not going to get in trouble again, am I?

Here is the story:

I’m the originator of the 15 Minute Study Strategy – proving you only need 15 minutes of studying each night to academically dominate MOST academic institutions. You may have heard someone talking about it – and it’s easy to be skeptical I get.

It’s a crazy fact that most academics don’t want you to know. And for good reason…

This strategy completely obliterates their systems.

Student’s are supposed to struggle through school. School starts as a training/education tool (around gradeschool.)

As you grow up, it becomes a weeding out mechanism. It’s a system that rewards people for: obedience, hours of work, and unhappy type a’s.

And it’s meant to punish students that are: intellectually curious, motivated, and genuinely smart people.

My strategies BLOWS everything they built apart and it rewards students for smart actions.

It’s not the hours invested as much as it’s the things you do. If you do these things – you’ll get killer grades.

(And that’s why they hate me. Its proves everything they’re doing is wrong – and it forces them to address the truth… Or continue to pretend otherwise despite the overwhelming and increasingly humiliating evidence.)

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