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This weeks question is from a student looking to find the time to study on a more consistent basis.

I’ve been trying to start a regular study routine like you recommend but it always gets messed up by everything else in my life. I ended up having practice for soccer ruining one attempt. Then I had to go to my dad’s house every Friday which always screws up my studying because I do something stupid like forget what I need (and he’s a bit of a distraction too.) I can’t seem to find a good uninterrupted time to maintain a consistent study routine. Do you have any ideas?

My first instinct is to assume anyone that can’t find a consistent time to study is just wrong. If you go to bed at the same time everyday then study before bed. If you wake up at the same time everyday then study when you wake up. If you eat at the same time everyday then study before or after that. There is virtually always enough routine to fit a short study session at some time throughout your day.

Of course, in your case you admitted part of the problem is forgetting to bring what you need to study. The main way to solve that problem is to stop having to think about bringing what you need. Instead of trying to remember to bring your stuff, make it a habit of always bringing your stuff. Maybe you could always bring your backpack to your dad’s house. Maybe you could store an electronic copy of your notes on the internet and look it up when you forget the hard copy. There are all kinds of simple solutions for that part.

Then you mentioned your dad could be a bit of a distraction. This is a really personal issue that probably can’t be solved by a quick piece of advice but my first thought is to try and enlist him to help you study. If he’s like most parents he’d love to help you study. Ask him to remind you to bring your study material. Maybe even use him as your personal flashcard asker. If he thought that was a good idea then you’d probably have trouble not keeping the routine.

Maybe the solution is to just look for a better part of the day to study. This is a super complicated question that no one except you has the resources to answer. Any ideas that I can provide will pale in comparison to the ideas that you can come up with if you get creative about the situation.

Start thinking about the problem in different ways. If you can’t figure out how to find a consistent time for studying then try to figure out how you could MAKE a consistent time for studying. If your dad is part of the problem can you find a way to make him the solution. If you forget your study materials then make it so you don’t even have to remember your study materials. The more creative you get, the more powerful the solutions you can find.

I’m sorry I can’t offer any one size fits all solutions but these are some of the most powerful opportunities to learn from. Take the time to think about your situation and you will find some options. For more on this subject you should read this article on the “Worst Time To Study.”

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Q/A – How To Make Time To Study


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2 thoughts on “Q/A – How To Make Time To Study

  • February 11, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    I think it’s great to have a regular study time. For me, it’s every day after school. However, busy schedules can make finding time very difficult. One possibility is to make “regular”, specific for each day–not necessarily the same time every day of the week (consistent across weeks). But most of all, studying has to be made a priority. If a plan to study regularly will succeed, it has to trump everything else. It takes a lot of motivation to pass up a friend’s offer to see a movie and instead stick your face in a textbook for an hour.

  • February 1, 2016 at 6:43 am

    God bless OP’s innocent soul. I am the type of person who promises herself that this year I’ll study every day, and then I never do.
    Maybe OP can set an reminder in their mobile phone, so they won’t forget to bring stuff?
    Talking with parents about the need to study is a good idea, I’m sure they won’t mind and will be happy to let their kid study!


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