Are you an A or B student that wants more time to enjoy life while scoring top-of-the class high – even if you’re a bad test taker?

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What makes you successful in school? Are you just looking to get through the day, the year, the 4 years? Image Source

“It’s just a little bit of senioritis,” my friend was telling me.

I laughed and asked, “are you sure you’re not just becoming a lazy bum?”

I said this as a joke.

At the time I was just throwing a friendly jab in his direction. It was the way our friendship had always worked. We enjoyed making cutting jokes at each other. This happened to be one a mild one.

The joke stuck around in the back of my head.

Around that time I let my grades slip a bit and I was wondering if my comment may have had some truth to it.

The Common Excuse

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Senior year can get devastatingly boring if you don’t have the right motivations. Image Source

Senioritis is the common excuse for seniors that start letting their grades slip. This happens during the time after applying for colleges but before graduating.

Your grades from that point won’t make a difference because they’re already on file. Students that had A+’s through high school don’t need to stress once the colleges accept them. Suddenly, their motivation is gone.

This is a smart strategy when you look at it from these students’ perspectives.

Students that want top notch grades are looking to get their foot in the door of top notch colleges. Once they have that foot in the door, they lose that motor that was pushing them forward. Their drive is gone. If your motivation is to get into a good college then getting in will end it.

Of course, there are logical reasons not to let your grades slip, though.

First of all, no college has to take you if they find out your grades slipped after applying. Second, if you’re going to a top college because you want to learn more then slacking is just silly.

You’ll need every advantage you can get once college starts.

In fact, the tougher the college you got accepted into, the more you need to prepare. The students that worked the hardest to start have the most to lose.

A mediocre student’s college prospects won’t change much by slacking. A good student can screw stuff up.

It’s A Symptom – Not A Disease

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Senioritis is meant to sound like a disease but it’s not a disease. It’s a little bit less complicated than that. Image Source

It’s much better to classify senioritis as a symptom. It’s not the disease. Diseases may cause problems but symptoms are the problems caused by diseases.

If you’re suffering from senioritis then your biggest problem is not your grades slipping. The biggest problem is deeper.

Think about this: Most students DON’T suffer through senioritis. (I’ve been looking for quality studies to prove this. So far, I only have my own experience and a few small studies on it.)

I know it’s talked about a lot. Many students talk about it but few students see a large change from their usual grades. Senior year is just like any other year.

That’s because most students never put much emphasis on the college they’re going to. (Yes… maybe your social group is all into that subject. The vast majority of students have no intention of trying to compete for a top college. They care more about the parties or distance from their home.)

Senioritis is worst in students that were the most concerned with their grades. Reaching the light at the end of the tunnel is the perfect excuse for them to take a breather. They’re pooped!
Not only that. Their prime motivation is gone.

What’s the real disease in this situation?

It’s having an external motivation. Getting into the perfect college isn’t enough. You need to want to learn for internal reasons.

What’s Pushing You?

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If this car will make you feel good about your life then you’re missing the point. Image Source

Getting approval from some college is good. Making your parents happy is good. Arbitrary letters grades can feel good too. These are temporary motivations. You’re not going to be able to push yourself when you lose them.

Someday no one is going to give a damn about your grades. People motivated by these kinds of things become boring and hopeless adults. Once the world stops pushing them, they stop improving.

Imagine a used car salesman that hates his life. He buys fancy cars he can’t afford. It makes him feel less depressed about his boring life. Sure… he has a fine looking car but the child version of himself is still embarrassed. He’s boring. No one wants to be this guy. (Example borrowed from Tim Ferris)

Once the world stops pushing… they stop moving.

Of course… some may be making 100k a year at top notch firms. They may look successful. They may look happy. It’s just a higher paying mediocrity. They settle for those “good” jobs when they’re capable of doing more for the world and themselves.

If you need other people to push you then someday you’ll lose that push. You’re always going to need those people convincing you to do more. Sometimes those people are close to you (like parents or counselors.) Sometimes those people are just peer groups that you’re looking to feel like a part of. (“I can’t make less than THEM. I need a better job!”)


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That’s one curious cat. (I feel like I’m from the 50’s and cool.) Image Source

There is an alternative.


Some people are motivated by the feelings they get.

Some people learn because they’re curious about the information they’re learning. They don’t suffer from senioritis.

Some people do well in class because they have something to prove to themselves. Certainly no change in the way other people see them will stop them from having something to prove.

Some people are trying to make a better future for themselves or the people around them. They’re not just looking to please other people’s primal urges. They’re looking to make a real impact on the world.

Here’s a Pinterest-worthy image for sharing ?
Here’s a Pinterest-worthy image for sharing ?

Senioritis? You mean giving up on the things you care about? Never.

What’s your reason for not letting senioritis kick your ass? 

Please share this post because it can help you and others get better grades. Those better grades can help you live better.

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Senioritis Is The Least Of Your Problems

The Secret To Success

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When I see someone that understands and applies this, I know they’re a person I can trust to get something done. It’s like a secret handshake. It’s like our personal secret conspiracy we’re using to take over the world. And most people just dismiss it.

In fact, I can tell you right now and 95% of you are going to dismiss it.

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  • December 2, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    I’m a firm believer that if you start these bad habits towards the end of high school, you’ll just keep doing it in college. As the comment above says you’re there to learn.
    Putting these thoughts into action is a different thing. I’ve had a severe case of senioritis before. How did everyone else get over it?

  • October 10, 2016 at 4:56 pm


    I love the start.

    That’s exactly how I talk to my friends.

  • October 10, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    The cat is cute… I just came to say that…

    • October 10, 2016 at 5:05 pm

      And I think it’s worth repeating…

      That’s a cute cat.

  • October 10, 2016 at 4:34 pm

    I always try to remind myself that I’m not going to school for some stupid letter grades or college.

    I’m there to learn. If I’m not learning something then I’m wasting my time.

    • October 10, 2016 at 4:38 pm

      This is ideal.

      Realizing that letter grades aren’t the reason you’re there is key.


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