Skipping school is a problem.

I don’t care if you don’t learn anything in school. I don’t care if you don’t enjoy school. And most of the time, I don’t even care if no one else notices.

It’s not really about that.

Skipping classes is a problem too.

It’s an issue that goes way deeper than the usual thing we talk about here.

Smart Student Secrets is mostly about how average students can easily improve their grades using clever but unusual strategies that science has been proving the most effective strategies for years now.

The point: it doesn’t take a ton of effort to do well in school when you know these strategies. It just takes a few extra minutes a day and some real basic things like showing up to class. Learn these strategies, show up to class, and you’ll have everything you need to be a top student.

But based on a recent conversation I had with a USC student, I wanted to run through the topic of skipping school and classes.

This guy said something like:

“I always skip my Algebra class because the teacher speaks with this thick accent that I can’t understand anyway. So I just study from my textbook to figure it out.”

And, high school students reading this, I want you to read through this even though the later section is going to be more relevant to you. This is still super important to get.

Skipping Classes In College


Seriously… this should get under your skin. If you think you can do well in class while skipping your classes then this is the first point you need to address… You shouldn’t be paying to take classes with teachers you can’t learn from.

Leave the damn class.

In fact, if you’re smart enough to learn this stuff without the teacher then save yourself a fortune and CLEP out of the course. (In other words, test out of it.)

If you would benefit from the class then take a different class. I don’t care if you need to wait a semester. I don’t care if the school is a pain to deal with. Do it. Don’t waste your money while ruining your chance at a proper education.

The college is supposed to be providing you with a service. If they can’t provide it… then you’re at the wrong place.

If skipping classes in college makes sense based on your college…

Then you’re in the wrong place and doing the wrong things!

Believe it or not… you’re not paying this school for a degree… no matter how much they like to pretend you are.

They’ll feed you that bulls*** because they don’t want to go through the effort of educating you. It’s easier for them to be a degree mill than for them to actually teach students. (And yes… some “top” colleges are essentially degree mills in my opinion. They don’t educate. They test. And then give degrees.)

And even if you choose to put up with this:

In small classes, when the teacher can recognize that you’re not actually showing up to the class, even if it’s not officially graded, you will be judged and your grades will suffer because of it. The teacher does take into account the amount of effort you put in. If you look like you’re not putting in the effort then the teacher will grade you accordingly.

In larger classes, when the teacher probably wouldn’t even recognize you, then you’re just wasting your money. Just sign up for the same course at a college down the street if you have to and transfer the credit. Don’t throw away your money to these people.

But What About High School Students Skipping

You aren’t paying for anything.

What have you got to lose?

Well… I’m going to say something that most people won’t tell you.

If you’re not planning to show up then why aren’t you just dropping out?

It would be a more intelligent way of solving this problem you’re having. If you don’t want to go to class and you don’t want to get the benefit of the education (the degree, college prospects, etc.) then you might as well drop out.

I won’t judge you for it.

Personally, if I were you, I’d really consider dropping out. What would happen? By considering that you might actually find that motivation to show up to class.

Skipping school isn’t a real decision.

It’s indecision.

It’s avoiding the real decisions that you need to make.


If you actually do want the benefits of high school then here is the thing:

The easiest way to gain points in class is to show up.

If you show up, try, and aren’t a complete butthole then you’re dramatically more likely to do well in your courses. Teachers don’t like failing students that show up. In fact, if you’re a pleasant human being then the teacher doesn’t even want to have to give you a low score.

The prerequisite to success in school is showing up. If attendance is taken then there is literally no way around it.

Even when you feel like you’re not getting anything from it, you’re getting more than you think. At the very least, you’re gaining the skill of jumping through hoops to get fish. (Like a dolphin… ) It’s not fun to think about but that’s part of life.

Sometimes we don’t immediately understand the value of something despite it being super valuable.

These degrees and diplomas mean something. They don’t prove you’re smart. They don’t prove you’re skilled. They don’t prove you’re worth anything. But they do prove you know how to show up and follow the rules.

In life, there is an easy way to success and a hard way.

Getting through school and actually showing up is almost always the easy way.

I’m not saying you can’t pick the hard way. But don’t be dumb about it. Skipping school is usually just dumb.

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Skipping School Isn’t Always Dumb But It Usually Is


This is an absolutely essential read for anyone on this blog.

I’m about 4 hours away from something big.

The story began a decade ago when I first started to share my study strategies with other students.

I had figured out the Holy Grail of academic optimization strategies – and every intermediate step to get to it. Using this strategy, I pulled a nearly 4.0 GPA while running a double course load in college – and once I started sharing it.

Students noticed.

Droves of them.

And then teachers noticed.

Most of the teachers that were looking out for their student’s best interest got what I was saying and supported the cause. Others… well… not everyone has the student’s best interest at heart.


Early on (even before Smart Student Secrets,) I started writing for average students.

I knew… I was NEVER one of the “smart kids”. I was mediocre at best. And I knew, if these strategies worked for me then they could work for just about anybody. And that’s who I wanted to connect with.

But… There was a problem…

I built an audience giving these strategies away. Sure…

And I’d get messages from them. And we’d talk. And I’d hear their stories.

I’d hear from A+ students that cut their study time by 90%.

I’d hear from B students that took their grades up to A’s.

I’d hear from teachers that were sharing my strategies with their students.

I’d hear from older students how these strategies changed their life.

I love it. I love introducing these strategies that changed my life to other people.

But there was always this… but…

What about the C students?

What about the D students?

What about the students that are currently failing?

Sure… Some would reach out.. but…

They never followed through… They’d take a small step. They’d sign up. They’d learn some killer strategies. Seeing right there how powerful they were going to be…

And then… life kicks in. They lose sight of their goals.

And it’s gone.


Student’s came to this site to improve their life. They see the possibilities. But then… they move on.

In about 4 hours, I’m going to be introducing something – an email subscriber exclusive – that can help change that.

It’s going to make more Smart Students than at any other time in this site’s history.

If you’re ready to take your academic game to the next level – if you want to see it for yourself.

Write your email in the box. Check the confirmation you want emails. Confirm your email. And see for yourself.

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