Smart Student Secrets is developing a summer writing course that can help aspiring writers and students create the kind of writing that gets attention.

Take note: we’re not talking about grammar-nazi style editing. We’re talking about high-impact, drag your reader by their ankles, and get them to LOVE the whole process.

Rules are a part of writing. But they’re not the important part. We’ll help you with those. This course is all about high-impact writing.

  • Do you want to know how to write A+ essays?
  • Do you want colleges to obsess over your awesome essay?
  • Are you considering a career in writing?

Then this course is for you.

What you’re going to get:

  • Get professional skill recommendations and assessments based on your writing
  • Complete all the challenges to get a certificate of completion
  • Complete all the challenges with completed essays to get a certificate of excellence
  • Recommendation letters are available to certificate of excellence recipients (Of course, the recommendation is honest based on how much I’d recommend you. They may also be available from an academic reviewer if they deem it appropriate.)
  • Extraordinary essays may get bonus offers (like we’ll share them or send you a bonus)

You’re going to be able to submit up to 9 writings for a professional assessment. This writing can be full length essays or a short outline of the essays. We highly recommend you do the full essays every time because the more you write, the more we can help.

To help get you started you’ll gain access to 8 video lessons exclusively available to course participants. In these lessons, you can learn:

  • What 95% of writers do wrong – 95% of the time
  • Make your readers life easier by writing irresistible prose
  • Why used car salesman have a bad reputation (and how you can get a good one writing)
  • How to fall in love with writing assignments – and get them loving you back
  • My personal little secret of good writing…
  • How to get readers salivating, begging, and dying to read just one more sentence
  • If your writing is a fish hook, this is the barb…
  • How to provocatively tease your reader (and make them think you’re deep)
  • How to not have Chekhov’s gun blow up in your face
  • The Invisible Thesis can make bland into beautiful
  • How to not write descriptive essays – Making Chekhov proud!
  • Hypnotize your reader by using this under-utilized trick
  • How to make your writing assignment into whatever you want it to be and get a better grade because of it
  • Why I HATED essays about me – and 1 change of perspective that fixed it
  • How to be impressive (instead of sounding like a tool)
  • How sounding dumb can get you ahead in life
  • This is how you write a college essay that makes your competition look like they’re writing grade school essays
  • Develop theses of mass destruction
  • How to have actually have a ball writing a “report” – you’ll literally love it!
  • You can say any stupid thing and still score high if you know this trick
  • How to alienate your reader and disprove your thesis
  • How I paid for college writing academic papers (and why I stopped)
  • Writing an A+ research paper every time without fail
  • How to find a dozen good sources in an hour
  • Don’t outsmart yourself into a B+  (this will help prevent those unexpected disappointments)
  • How to start writing professionally (even if you still are a student)
  • The big oversimplification – and what advanced writers can do better than anyone else
  • How to make your pills easy to swallow – instead of trying to shove it down the readers throat
  • This is the dirty secret to successful writing…
  • You don’t need no stinkin’ evidence – how to prove stuff that’s just not true
  • How to make the reader fall for your shtick
  • The art of understanding – even things that don’t make any sense to you
  • How to know you can win any argument with your words
  • Learn to write like a professional – and enjoy the process

Here is your chance to get first dibs (and a steep discount) on the course this summer (assuming it gets the interest required to run it. So far, we’ve gotten a ton of interest. It’s looking good.)

Send us a quick message and let us know if you’re interested and we’ll notify you with a coupon when/if the course gets us and running.

Also, please tell me anything you’re dying to practice or learn more about because this course is still in the production phase.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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