Are you an A or B student that wants more time to enjoy life while scoring top-of-the class high – even if you’re a bad test taker?

If you’re in any technical classes like math or science then this is important stuff. I’ve gotten some super positive feedback and a few questions related to it.


Some Actionable Steps For Technical Classes

This is getting bad – we gotta’ stick together in this

The academic world is getting shaken up ripped into shreds.

What we’ve known is gone – and probably for good too. Things are changing faster than anyone could have ever imagined but…

You’re not alone!

I know a few things about you – at least statistically – I may not know your name yet but I do know you’re like me. 

You’re motivated. (Lazy students don’t read this stuff. I’ve got years of testing proving this.)

Forgive me for my crudeness here but – most of the world ain’t like us.

I struggled for years academically. Sure… I had a good year now and then but it was wooork in the most unpleasant sense of the term.

It wasn’t until a friend of mine taught me his tricks that I realized –

  1. Working smart is better than working hard.
  2. What most people call “work” academically is a loony waste of time.

And that was the first step to me dominating my college class graduating near the top of my class while studying less than a lot of the partiers flopping around near the bottom.

I don’t say that to impress you – I say that impress upon you – if I could do it. You can too. It wasn’t because I was special. I just found the unspoken academic truth. That’s given me a huge head start in life – and NONE of this would have happened if it weren’t for that friend – years ago – given me that little bit of advice.

I want to be that friend for you – even if we never get the opportunity to meet.

I wrote How to Study Happier to teach you exactly what I wish I knew years ago – the same strategies thousands of students from all around the world have used to turn their grades into something they’re proud of. This is stuff that (awesome) college professors have been recommending for their students.

It’s not perfect. And it’s not magic. It requires you –

And you’re ready to take your academic game up to the next level, right?

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