We are facing unprecedented challenges in our world today.

There is good reason to be concerned.

We can’t know the future that we’re going to have going forward.

The environment we live in is putting us in the face of the unknown and the world is just now beginning to understand what that might change.

The people are suffering in ways that seemed as though they were becoming problems of the past. There are hungry people. There are people without proper medical care. There are people losing their homes, their businesses, and even their lives.

Most of the people in charge seem to have more interest in scoring political points and power than solving the problems they’re in charge of.

The tensions are rising. They’re saying, pick a side.

And we are in the middle of it.

What are we supposed to do?


What can you do? <- And that’s NOT a rhetorical question.

I’m serious.

What can you do? What are you capable of?

Can you build stuff? Can you heal people? Can you engineer? Can you do math? Can you write?

The world NEEDS YOU!

No matter what happens from this day forward, the skills you develop can make our world a better place to live in –

And I know it doesn’t always feel like it, but this world has more opportunity than at any point in history by just about every imaginable metric. Less starvation. More healthcare. More communication. More education. More intelligence. More people. More opportunities – and more opportunities to distract yourself from those opportunities, if that’s what you choose to do.

I don’t believe in education in some abstract sense. Or some, impress-your-neighbor sense.

Screw that.

The practical implications of the things you learn can create a world that is more beautiful than any we could have ever imagined.

And that’s what I believe in.

The thing that really gets to me though:

Often, the fight to “learn” becomes kind of counterproductive.

The harder someone tries to learn, the less they end up learning.

That’s why I write to my email list. To show real learning.

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– Aaron


I could have written this at any time in history. Times are always unprecedented. And folks have always had plenty of reasons to panic.

The secret is -> DON’T PANIC


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