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100StudySecretsMasterYourMemory17Kick-AssStudyStrategiesThere are over 100,000 words on this blog today. I’ve also written 5 books on these subjects. You can get my fourth book for free at the bottom of this page. I happen to recommend almost all of it but, I get it, you’re human. (Fun fact: Am I too! We have so much in common!)

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Thank you for the email. I just downloaded the E-book. May I share it with my postsecondary class in August? I think it would help to get them reacclimated to studying. Most will have been out of school for some time.

Thank you,

Sharon L. LMT DOM

Thank you smart student secrets…I have an upcoming test of Biology and
I’m gonna try this method for that

Thithira M.

Just finished reading it and after imagining the feeling that I would get after getting the results I really deserve my face changed, I started smiling with my eyes closed.

I appreciate the information, and promise to both you and myself to change my current grade, to not settle for less, to become a high achiever.

>From the bottom of my heart thank you,


(5th year pharmaceutical student)