You wouldn’t steal a car.

You wouldn’t steal a handbag.

You wouldn’t steal a television.

You wouldn’t steal a movie.

That’s an old commercial I was forced to watch in the movie theater years ago. And, as most people, it made me think…


Yep… Exactly what I thought.

I was just a kid at the time and I certainly didn’t have a solid philosophical theory on intellectual property – but it was certainly a hard sell to convince me stealing a car was the same as copying 1’s and 0’s from one spot to another.

You know what really convinced me not to download illegally?

My close friend got a letter in the mail for downloading a movie saying, more or less, “we’re watching you…”


In hindsight, it seems silly.


At the time, downloading movies and songs was virtually the norm for students. We didn’t have all these services that make all this stuff instantly available online at the time. Even if you had the money, it was just more convenient than going to the store to buy the CD.

I’d have a playlist of my favorite songs on in the background.

Then I’d pull out my homework.

Bobbing my head to the music…

Occasionally daydreaming that I was that rockstar on stage – and how much it would impress the babes in class. (I’m a simple man with simple dreams.) Keep in mind, this is when people actually listened to rock music.

And staring down at my homework filling it out.

The homework was… pretty much… an afterthought.

I had to do it.

So… I did it.

It hardly got any effort – and my grades showed it.

My grades were inconsistent.

Based on how they looked at the time, I’d have needed to crush the interview if I wanted to get into clown college.

Fast forward to college – I’d more or less given up the daydream of being a rockstar and I was usually too busy to listen to music.

But I did college differently…

After YEARS of struggling, I got it all figured out.

I would sit (with no music playing) for around 15 minutes a night. I’d blaze through the homework I had. It wasn’t low effort – but it was automatic… Maybe the right word is:


That’s how academics feel when you’ve got them under control.

Filling out homework assignments is like second nature.

Filling out tests is as easy as filling out a personal survey.

Writing an essay is just like you’re talking to a friend that you’ve known for years.

It’s just – how life is supposed to feel.

No stress.

No self-defeating attitudes.

No embarrassment.


And it took me years to figure it out.

That’s the big reason I got started in helping other students figure this stuff out.

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– Aaron


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