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Quiet shall be enforced by evil stares! Image Source

Finding the right study spot can bring your focus up to the next level.

Where do you study? Tell me in the comments below.

Studying in your dorm can work assuming your roommate isn’t a turd (yes… I’m talking to you… :P) But it’s complicated to keep the place quiet. You and your roommate need to be on the same wavelength about it. Usually, there is an easier way. There are enough complications between roommates. Keep it simple by moving your studying out-dorm.

1. Library

The library is one of the only places you can study with the general expectation of silence.

People usually understand that you’re supposed to be quiet in a library. That makes it an awesome place to bring your textbooks and papers when you’re looking for quiet. If someone does get a little loud they end up with evil death stares until they learn to zip it.

It’s not the perfect place.

You’re surrounded by people. If you happen to know some of them then you’re bound to get interrupted once or twice by friendly hellos. It’s not deadly for studying but it can pull your trains of thought right off into the ditches.

2. Your Car

Oh… a private room in college? How exclusive. Image Source

If you own a car then you have your own private room (with locks on the door.)

Assuming you’re not someplace where you’ll drown yourself in your own salty sweat, this can be the ideal spot. Almost no one will be able to bother you, even if they wanted to. They couldn’t find you because you’ll be parked someplace else every time. And… since you’re in a parking lot, everyone around you has important places to go. They probably won’t bother you.

It can be a little anti-social but it’s a great place when you’re usual spots are all taken. If you’re a commuting student then it could be ideal since you don’t have to carry your stuff everywhere.

3. Empty Classrooms

Empty classrooms are great for studying because most people hate hanging out there. Image Source

Do you want a place to study directly after class? Well… you could always just hang out in the classroom until other students start showing up.

In some colleges, half the classrooms you walk by won’t have any classes taking place. If you happen to pop in for a little bit of studying then you’re in a great study zone.

It comes with the advantages of:

  • No one knowing exactly where you are
  • Silence (but it’s slightly unpredictable.)
  • Plenty of different locations

You may be asked to move every once in awhile but you’ll often have hours of complete study isolation.

4. The “Lab”

No one hangs out here for fun. (Okay… maybe someone.) Image Source

Yes. Sometimes you need stuff to do your studying.

That’s what the lab is for.

While it lacks the silence expectations of a library, people rarely hang out in the lab to have fun. Odds are, most students are going to be busy worrying about their own problems to interrupt other people.

If you’re looking to minimize distractions then:

When it comes to finding good times to use the lab, I often just peek in whenever I’m going by. If it looks like a good time then I might change my plans.

5. Your Pocket

Quick access to your study materials is awesome for studying. Image Source

Confused much?

Your pocket happens to be the perfect size for a set of flashcards (or maybe your phone to use Anki.)

Studying doesn’t have to be restricted to long study sessions. In fact, spending 5 minutes studying every few hours can dramatically improve your ability to remember stuff. This kind of studying maximizes active recall and spaced repetition.

Carry study material with you as much as possible and you’ll get the chance to steal study time whenever you have it.

Waiting in line? Study a few flashcards.

Trying to not look bored? Pull out your phone to study a card or two. (Everyone will assume you’re texting.)

Your car stuck in a snowbank in a blizzard? Well… first try to get help. But if that doesn’t work, you might as well use your last minutes to study 😀

6. Outside

Okay… This dude looks uncomfortable outside. Get a blanket and a pillow. Image Source

The great outdoors is a whole lot greater now that so few people use it.

Seriously… everyone is always at home on their computers or in a classroom or job. College campuses can be totally dead in some outdoor areas. Take advantage of that.

Look around campus for quiet comfortable nooks that you can use for studying.

Outside can get a little dirty. It isn’t always completely comfortable. Weather can ruin it.

But… the weather will sometimes make up for all the challenges. There is nothing better than sitting in the sun for a few minutes. It can boost your mood (even if you are stuck studying.)

7. Your Skull

It doesn’t matter where you are to think about what you’re learning. Image Source

You know… that thing that you bounce sports scores and phone acronyms around in?

You don’t need a quiet place to study when you’re familiar with the material you need to learn.

Try sitting and remembering the lecture your teacher gave. It’s tough. Isn’t it? That’s pushing your active recall. Anything you can remember will end up sticking way better for the test.

A big chunk of studying isn’t pulling out flashcards or your textbook. It’s just thinking about the info. Thinking about the stuff you need to learn allows you to get a deeper understanding. It keeps the information linking up in different ways.

Understanding is a complicated subject. Do you want to know if you really understand a subject? Then you absolutely need to need How To Know When You Really Understand It in the members only area. You can join our members only area for free right now here.

Seem boring? Well… that’s probably because you’re doing it wrong.

7 Study Spots You Should Be Using

Find a way to make the subject you’re trying to learn fun. How do you make it fun?

  • Make fun of it
  • Try imagining it literally
  • Figure out what different dirty things it reminds you of

Having the right study spot can make a huge difference in your ability to learn.

Don’t waste your time studying someplace that you can’t get yourself to focus consistently. Every time you lose focus you make it more difficult to regain that focus in the future. Find a spot where you can enjoy the sweet consistent focus that gives you glorious grades.

Where is your awesome study spot? Don’t worry! I won’t tell anyone. Post it in the comments below.

7 Study Spots You Should Be Using

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It wasn’t the teacher.

It makes sense the teacher wondered that. The changes that can take place when you change strategies are astounding.

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    You made some very nice points here. I am going to look to follow your site as you’ve most definately shown me a number of important things man. Peace and blessing!!

  • January 16, 2017 at 4:39 pm

    I study in my dorm by screaming at my roommate until you finally puts in his headphones. Then when I finish he has to start studying so he screams at me to put on headphones. It’s the perfect system!

    I really should think about moving my studying out of the dorm but I hate the thought of having to put pants on.

    • January 16, 2017 at 4:55 pm

      haha You sound like a wonderful roommate 😛

      Thanks for the comment!

  • January 16, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    I’ve never considered studying in my car. I commute to school and always hated having to find a quiet spot to pull my textbooks out.

    Great post!

    • January 16, 2017 at 4:55 pm

      Thank you so much!


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