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This article is my response to a recent question I received from a student struggling to introduce a more reasonably timed study routine. He’s in the unfortunate habit of studying for hours every few nights (when he can force himself to do it.) He’s a subscriber here and as I was writing his response I began to realize this might be useful for more than just him.

You can score high grades and study less than you imagine. Your mistakes in the past are just consequences of all the usual bad advice you’ve been given. You are in control of your grades.

Here is the big important point that I’m going to hide for everyone except subscribers for marketing purposes: 😛

Watch your results carefully (ignore your gut) and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Improvement doesn’t come from doing the same thing over and over again. It comes from trying new things and watching the results.

Small distinctions create amazing lifelong results. Don’t miss out because you’re scared of a few disappointing moments.

Studying Worse Is The First Step To Studying Better

Are you desperate to improve your grades?


That’s the first step.

Desperation creates action.

Acceptance is the death of action.

One day, you’re going to decide never to settle for less. That’s the day that changes are going to be made – and that’s not a gradual one little step at a time thing. That’s an instant where everything changes.

Gradual change works… Sure… eventually…

But you don’t have time.  

There are only so many years to prove yourself academically before you’re dropped in the real world where those grades will help define your future for decades to come.

Good grades, senior year of college can’t completely make up for bad grades the first 3 years.

Good grades in college can’t completely make up for bad grades in high school. (Your college has been decided by that point. Harvard grades still have a huge advantage over a state school.)

Good grades in high school can’t completely make up for the foundational knowledge you missed in grade school…

The best time to start getting good grades is from the beginning…

The second best time is now.

If you’re ready to take your academic game to the next level – if you want to see it for yourself.

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