What if I told you that you could score in the top 10% of your class while studying less than 15 minutes a night?

You don’t need to study long hours to get good grades. Some of the most successful student transformations come from the students that cut their study time the most. Your natural instincts are right. You can score straight A’s with less studying than you can imagine right now. You can impress your teachers without spending hours a night working. You can spend more of your time having fun while your grades continue to soar.

I understand why you might not believe that yet. The world spends more time discouraging your natural ability to learn than it spends teaching you to utilize it. Teachers, whatever their intentions might be, regularly attack students for “not trying hard enough” despite never teaching the strategies required to study successfully.

There are very specific strategies for learning. It’s one of the most heavily researched fields of study in the world but have you ever taken a class on it in school?

It’s not your fault.

Students often come to this blog in desperate situations. They’re close to failing. Some students are fearing they’ll need to spend an extra year in high school. Many students are in college doubting they’ll make it through. It’s important you understand: your long term success has nothing to do with where you are now. The greatest successes often follow the greatest setbacks.

Setbacks give you the opportunity to learn something. They give you the push to try and avoid the setback ever happening again. Maybe that potential setback brought you to this blog to learn more about how to study.

Your natural instincts are usually right about studying. You probably procrastinate. That’s your body rebelling against something that it knows isn’t working. If you have an ineffective strategy then your body is doing the right thing in putting off studying. The more effective your study strategy is, the weaker that resistance will become.

Not every teacher wants what’s best for you. I know we’re not supposed to say that. We’re supposed to talk about the virtue of every teacher ever (ignoring whether or not they suck at their job.) Everyone knows that it’s more complicated than that. I hope you’ve had the pleasure of working with an amazing teacher but I’m confident you’ve also worked with the unfortunate exceptions.

An amazing teacher can change the world through their students. They can create a passion for a subject that lasts a lifetime. A bad teacher wastes that opportunity (and, in my personal opinion, is an insult to the profession.)

The things that you are capable of would amaze even you. Most students don’t read blogs like this one. They don’t care. You care. That is the reason I’m confident you’re going to take the next steps required to make yourself proud.

The 15 Minute Study Strategy has gathered a lot of attention.

There is a lot of skepticism. It’s natural.

I come out and say “you can score in the top 10% of your class while studying less than 15 minutes a night.” I can’t blame anyone for being skeptical.

I may have heard some skepticism but some student’s have followed by lead and given it a shot.

From the emails I’ve received, it looks like that strategy has worked. I’ve spent nearly a decade now working on particular aspects of the 15 MSS. It started as a general study philosophy based on some obscure scientific studies. I’ve added in a slew of personal study experiments.

Students have taken these lessons and experiments and turned their own grades around. Not only that, but many have flipped their lives upside-down. Instead of hating school they learn to love it. I am so thankful for that.

I think it’s a good time to discuss the whole strategy in a single place.

Naturally, I can’t address every question and concern in a single article. If you want to understand everything then you’ll have to dig through tons of old articles and future ones. (I may write a book on this subject at some point. I would be a good addition to my other 3.)

If you want a simple overview of the whole plan with enough details to get you started, this page is here to help.

15MSS Cheatsheet

Get Your Head On Straight

  • There is no magic solution.
  • It requires effort.
  • It doesn’t include “work.” Only memorization and learning.
  • It’s not about perfect grades.

The Basics

  • One (about) 15 minute session a day.
  • At the same time daily.
  • Absolutely NO DISTRACTIONS
  • I’m serious. Turn off your damn phone.
  • Prioritize study material ruthlessly
  • Use active recall as much as possible

What You Need To Know

Do you want to learn more about how to score higher grades than your classmates while working less? That’s what this blog is all about. Be sure to follow and check out the archives for all the details. Also, if you’re looking to learn more tricks even faster, check out the ebooks in the sidebar.

*Note: Consider this article a permanent work in progress. I spent hours and hours trying to perfect this article when I finally decided that some subjects require an acceptance of imperfection. I will never be satisfied with this article because there are always more objections to handle. I can only do my best to deal with the important ones.

This is a huge subject that likely needs a book to dig deep into. If you’re really interested in learning more then this site (and the old blog) is loaded with hundreds of thousands of words with more clarification. Dig in!

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