Active recall is the most effective way to study.

It’s something I bring up a lot because it’s super important and almost never appreciated by students.

Active recall is just practicing remembering stuff.

It guarantees you’ve learned whatever you’re studying. That means, when you sit down with your heart racing as a test gets dropped in front of you… you know that you know what you need to know. 😀

But some students don’t appreciate how powerful active recall can actually be.

That’s why I created a little unscientific test to try and prove it to you.



I got another one of those life-affirming emails from one of the readers this week. I just want to send out my own little thank you to all of you. I am so grateful that you take the time to read and learn from these emails. I share the ideas that changed my life and actually hearing they help you too makes this work totally worth it. Thank you!

Want to see active recall work for yourself?

Have you ever sabotaged your success doing this silly little thing?

Ever procrastinate?

You only procrastinate the stuff that sucks. You don’t say, “Ahhh… I’ll read that text from my crush later.” Nope. Now… Any pause is intentional and coordinated to respond better.

Here is the problem with academics:

You probably think most academic stuff sucks – at least a little. (Especially compared to other things you could be doing.)

And the thing is:


You’re slowly hardening your association of school and being miserable.

You need to create positive associations with academics. You want your brain to be getting hyped  up and positive when you’re thinking about studying and giving into this internal oligarchical instinct to force yourself to studying – ain’t helpin’.

Chill the internal dictator for a moment…

A big secret: You need to STOP forcing yourself to study so much.

But, if you’re not forcing yourself then how are you going to see those killer straight-a’s that you’re always dreaming about?


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