You don’t need to study to get really good grades.

I’m completely 100% serious and by the time you finish reading this, you’re going to know exactly why.

And this isn’t about intelligence either. Sure… Most students that end up reading on Smart Student Secrets are smart. (The dumb ones never even try to get this far. If you’re this far, you’re probably better than average.)

If getting really good grades were only about intelligence then you’d already have them.

To clarify: Imagine a guy that’s 7 feet tall (214 cm.) Tall guys are always told the same thing, “you need to play basketball.”

But if you take a tall guy that’s never played basketball in his life, and put him on a basketball court to play… He is still going to suck at basketball – for a while at least. He might have the natural talent of rebounding but there is more to basketball than height. In the same way, there is more to grades than intelligence.

The intelligence you have (and if you’re this far, you have it,) is just a bonus. You still need to know how to play the game.

And the thing is, teachers/parents/counselors don’t teach you how to play the game. That’s not their goal. Just ask them. Would they rather you learn more or score higher? All of them would say learn more. (But they probably prefer you don’t bomb too.)

I believe in learning too. But going to school day after day and landing flat on your face (scoring B’s when you want A’s. Or scoring F’s when you’d settle for a D.)

You’re going to learn to hate school with that kind of disappointment. Right? Doesn’t it suck to work hard just to get a face full of dirt?


You know you’re capable of scoring higher than you are currently, right?

I know you doubt yourself at times. Everyone does. I’ve had moments where I felt like the dumbest guy in the world. I was failing “easy” classes. I was making a fool out of myself. And I felt useless but… if you’re using the wrong tools… that’s exactly how it’s going to feel.

I’m all about giving people the tools they need – and giving them the skills to use those tools.

No… I can’t hand you good grades on a silver platter. I’m not that Laura Laughlin lady that bribed her daughter’s way into a good college. Even if I could… there is a better way. It’s a way better, easier, and more enjoyable way. And at the end of the day, you’ll know you deserve the success you’re living.

Once you have the tools to improve your grade, you can:


    • Escape the academic immobilization that’s been holding your grades down for years.
    • Get up close and personal to learn the secrets you’ve been out-of-the-loop on for years.
    • Learn to work when you’re at ZERO motivation (not just when you’re all pumped up)


And this is really just the start of it…

When someone says, “I need to study more” they’re really saying:

I want to learn more or more likely…

I want to improve my grades.

That’s the real goal here.

Studying is ONE way to achieve that goal.

But there are more ways to improve your grades…

You don’t need to pick up your textbook and stare it down for hours to learn something. In fact, have you ever had classes where you’ve never opened the textbook a single time? I have.

I’ve had classes where I didn’t even have to study to get near the top of my class. And it’s not because I’m gifted or something. I’m a bloke that got D’s in high school (at least early on.)

I got to the top of the class by college based on the strategies I used.

Anyone that applies these strategies can get similar results.

I worked with friends, students, and readers on this for years.

I even wrote a whole book on the subject…


101 Strategies To Improve Your Grades Without Studying More


This is an ebook that’s been downloaded tens of thousands of times. I literally have emails in my inbox from readers telling me this book changed their life.

Some of the lessons it teaches:

    • How to catch up in any classes you have fallen behind in FAST – And making sure you don’t fall behind again
    • Use a commonly ignored class essential to save hours of your time every week
    • What every student should know but doesn’t – that costs them big points
    • What you should already be doing – but if you’re not… you’re losing out
    • Super-powered test taking strategies (that don’t involve cramming or even picking up a textbook)
    • How to remember everything you need for the test despite not studying
    • The exclusive strategies I used to write A+ essays consistently (despite my mediocre grammar)
    • How to set unbelievable goals you’ll actually achieve
    • How to improve your grades WHILE improving your life
    • A sure-fire method for an embarrassing failure… Don’t make this common mistake.
    • How shutting your brain down can help you take tests better
    • Daydream responsibly – and not miss everything important the teacher says
    • Do the work in half the time and feel amazing doing it
    • Doubt is killing your grades – this can stop it
    • Even if you fail your finals – you can still do killer in the class
    • Five minutes of this can improve your grade dramatically
    • Follow your passions – and use them to score higher
    • Getting an A easier than putting your pants on
    • Here is an easy way to learn before losing points on the assignment…
    • How to make it impossible to forget stuff
    • If you act like you’re a failure… don’t be surprised when people treat you that way – I teach you what to do instead.
    • If you don’t already do this – you’re sacrificing 5 points on every assignment
    • How to keep a schedule and not act like a crazy person
    • Learn it without studying it
    • If you don’t answer test questions with 100% confidence then read this…
    • It’s stupid to remember pointless things. That’s why you learn this…
    • Make filler work fun – And score higher because of it
    • Repetition is the idiot’s way to boring miserable success – this can get you the good kind of success
    • The automatic approach to learning
    • How to not be distracted by shiny things and actually focus when you need to
    • Seriously relax your way to greater successes
    • The non-OCD approach to academic organization
    • The scientific approach to straight-A’s
    • These are the academic loopholes they don’t want you to know about
    • This is how you completely ruin your hope of learning better next time
    • What is probably the most fun way you can improve your writing
    • Find the assignments that look unimportant – but actually are super important
    • You can learn things that aren’t true but still improve your grades anyway
    • Why you shouldn’t ask so many questions in class – don’t listen to the common advice
    • You can know what’s important to know now – and score higher knowing less because of it
    • You don’t have to be completely worn out to do a good job – do this instead
    • Develop understanding and forget about memorization
    • How to learn what you’ll “never use” in life
    • You’re smart enough to do extraordinary things (but know this or you’ll get cocky about it)


I get messages about it like this one:

“(101 Strategies To Improve Your Grades Without Studying More) helped me stay more focused with my progress and helped me do tremendously well without drowning myself in a text book everyday. I’m so grateful I found this book because I’m someone who literally hates studying for more than 1 hour unless it’s something I’m really into.”

Want to read my wall of testimonials? Read the wall (will open in a new tab)

There is a world of possibilities. Don’t miss out.

In fact, I want to make this easy for you.

I’m just a guy on the internet. There is no reason for you to take my word for any of this but you’ve given me this much of a chance, and you’ve read this far, so please let me give you the final nudge.

I want to help you improve your grade – but I’m not magic.


100% Money-Back Grade Improvement Guarantee

I can’t guarantee your grades but I can guarantee this ebook will improve them.

If you purchase 101 Strategies To Improve Your Grades Without Studying More and you’re not ecstatic about the grades you’re getting within 90 days then I will give you 100% of your money-back. No questions asked. No special secret handshakes. No trouble.

How serious am I?

You can literally buy this book, bring your grades up to 99 out of 100, wait until the 89th day, send me an email saying, “I didn’t get 100%. Give me my money back, schlub!” And I will send the refund.

I couldn’t make this offer (it costs me money) if I wasn’t confident of two things:

1. The few people that try to screw me over are going to be vastly outnumbered by the good people like you that just want a fair deal.
2. You’re going to see your grades and life improve enough to pleasantly surprise yourself. You’ll be thankful and super happy with this deal.

I mean, what are good grades worth anyway?

It’s complicated. What’s a top-notch college worth compared to a subpar college?

What’s a high-paying job worth compared to a run of the mill one?

What’s hours less studying, more time on the things and people you care about, and enjoying school more worth?

To me, it’s hardly even worth asking the questions.

In life, there are those that procrastinate, and there are those that just do it. It’s at times like this, you get to decide. And if you read this far, I can tell, we’re similar people – and I know you’re going to do what’s right for you.

Better grades means better opportunities – and a better life.

There is nothing to lose.

Get your book

101 Strategies To Improve Your Grades Without Studying More



I’m serious about that guarantee. If you’re not super happy with the book then please tell me. I’m in business to help people. That’s what Smart Student Secrets, and I, am all about. Take advantage of it. I’ll send you a thank you message and remind you about it after you get the book.