Academic insiders already know it… It’s finally being released to the public.

You will get HAPPIER straight-A’s

(and it will be EASY.)

Here is a little-known secret: Scoring high can be easy even if you’re bombing right now.

Students like me have been gaming the academic system for all of time.

How is it that certain students can study for minuscule periods of time and still slaughter the test like they’ve been grinding it out for years?


You should meet the guy that first introduced me to these ideas. He spent half his school day smoking things in the bathroom. At the time, I was struggling for grades that were lower than his… I didn’t get it. And believe me, the hardest part was believing this change was even possible.

Jaw dropping results.

WTF happened!?

You walk into the test and tests become your easy days.

Answering the questions on the test feels like answering a personal survey because the information you’re writing feels like second nature.

Stress melts away. All you’re left with is a slight tingle in your stomach… not fear… excitement because of how your test domination gives you a kick.

And this is exactly what Smart Student Secrets is known for teaching.

It just breaks my heart to see good hard-working students getting pummeled by the never ending academic grind. No matter how hard they work – they don’t see anything resembling appropriate results.

The effort looks wasted and the student’s motivation just dies.

Maybe someday they muster the inspiration to give it another shot but… unless they know why it all went awry – it will just happen again… and again… and…

The worst part is that is doesn’t have to be that way. There is a better way.

You can get straight-A’s and it can be easier than what you’re doing now.

You just have to learn how the system works – and how to set yourself up for an easy win.

That’s exactly why I wrote How To Study Happier.


How To Study Happier is a 50 page pdf that goes over the most important information a student needs to know about how to produce class-dominating scores while enjoying the process.

It shows you:

  • How happier students score higher – no, not the miserable students that struggle for every point but the students already waltzing into class are scoring higher.
  • What science says is the best way to take control of your life and enjoy the academic process
  • The students that score the highest aren’t always the one’s that study the most. In fact, scoring high could be a sign you’re going down in a blaze.
  • How to get straight-A’s consistently WHILE ENJOYING THE PROCESS
  • Which strategies you’ve been using that are SABOTAGING your success and absolutely slaughtering your motivation (AKA why you’re procrastinating so much and how to stop)
  • The strategies you can use to turn up and down your grades like a thermostat
  • How to turn on academic auto-pilot and make your straight-A’s happen virtually automatically
  • Why “If you’re not enjoying the process, you’re not doing it right” And I’m serious – you should literally get a least a little pleasure from the process (and even from the subject you hate)
  • 5 Easy Steps to kick-off your killer grades faster than you ever imagined

HOLD UP! That’s not all.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase and the results you get from reading it then please let me know so I can give you a 100% refund. Email is the best way.  It doesn’t happen often but when it happens – for whatever reason – literally any reason – I want you to know that you can change your mind or move on to try the next thing.

Get your copy. There is no reason not to.